Welcome to the home of GOLD STAR TRAINS ® – we pride ourselves in creating add-ons for Train Simulator that are of an exceptional standard, key pieces of rolling stock that are often overlooked and also enhancement modifications to existing add-ons to improve their functionality and appearance.

The Enhanced Ballast Tamper Pack

Following the release of DR73106, we have been hard at work improving and enhancing the tamper pack to make it much more detailed and comprehensive. This pack is a free upgrade to all who already own DR73106 Ballast Tamper.

The Ballast Tamper Pack includes 7 individual models:

– DR73001 Jarvis
– DR73101 Intercity
– DR73102 Carillion
– DR73105 Carillion
– DR73106 Intercity
– DR73106 Fastline
– DR73107 Fastline

The ballast tamper model has been overhauled considerably since its first release. Updates include: Ballast tamping kit model improvement, automatic tamping speed correction, exhaust model improvement, gauges added to tamping bogie, gauges added to vehicle sides, cooling fans added, missing springs and dampers added to tamping bogie, missing hydraulics added throughout, material use improved throughout, hoses and cables improved throughout, side indentations re-worked, texture bleeding corrected, 4 additional spotlights added, colour correction on tail light housing, windscreen wiper models improved, smoothing added to cylinders, cab cable on right hand side removed, small geometry error on cab1 left hand side fixed, max speed texture added, black lining improved on sides, all TS LOD issues corrected, exterior mirror window issue fixed, spot lights only illuminate at night. Sounds tweaked: Final mix improved; engine sound improved, better track joint sounds and better flange screech sound.

Authentic Cummins KT1150 engine audio, authentic ballast tamping kit audio & authentic single blast horn and siren audio. Fully working authentic drivers console, controls & features include:

– Instrument lights
– Right side light
– Left side lights
– Front or rear spot light
– Cab lights (interior & exterior)
– Siren
– Front wipers (upper or upper & lower)
– Rear wiper
– Headlights/taillights (front/rear)
– Tamping bogie control key (lower/raise)
– Tamping action (stop/start)
– Hazard lights
– Engine key
– Engine start
– Single blast horn
– Throttle
– Gear lever (combined gears and reverser)
– Engine brake
– Drivers brake valve
– Emergency Stop
– Leveller LED panel
– Liner LED panel
– ALC PC boot-up
– Operational Cab 2 VDU’s


We hope that you’ll get as much enjoyment from our releases as we have building them. We aim to go the extra mile to see just what’s possible and bring you locomotives and rolling stock that impress and excite. For some GOLD STAR TRAINS ® freeware treats, see the links below:

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