Welcome to the home of GOLD STAR TRAINS ® – we pride ourselves in creating add-ons for Train Simulator that are of an exceptional standard, key pieces of rolling stock that are often overlooked and also enhancement modifications to existing add-ons to improve their functionality and appearance.

MPV Rail Head Treatment Train Pack

With approved Network Rail Branding

Coming soon, the MPV Rail Head Treatment Pack. A stunning pack which features over twenty variations of MPV, extremely detailed driver and operator consoles (with 100+ interactive elements, including GSM-R, operator touch screen interface and working centre LCD instrument display), trans1 and trans2 unit arrangements, fully working APU and Jetter modules for spraying, a unique Module Loading System so you can specify exactly what modules the units are loaded with and genuine professionally recorded MPV sounds.

The pack also comes with 31 pre-load consists ranging from the early Railtrack units with BMAC 1st generation light clusters right through to Network Rail with BMAC 3rd generation clusters. Every numbered unit is available as well as the Network Rail SWT named units, ‘Chris Lemon‘, ‘John Denyer‘, ‘Nigel Cummins‘ and ‘Dick Preston‘.

Plasser & Theurer 09 Series Ballast Tamper Pack

With approved Plasser & Theurer branding

Take to the controls of a classic 1980’s ballast tamping machine with GOLD STAR TRAINS® Ballast Tamper Pack. The pack features authentic Cummins KT1150 engine audio, ballast tamping kit audio & single blast horn and siren audio. Fully working drivers’ console and tamping kit. Seven liveries are available:

– DR73001 Jarvis
– DR73101 Intercity
– DR73102 Carillion
– DR73105 Carillion
– DR73106 Intercity
– DR73106 Fastline
– DR73107 Fastline

Demo Treats

We hope that you’ll get as much enjoyment from our releases as we have building them. We aim to go the extra mile to see just what’s possible and bring you locomotives and rolling stock that impress and excite. For some GOLD STAR TRAINS ® freeware demo treats, see the links below:

Kuju HST Cab & Light Update Pack v5.0 (downloaded 1900+ times)

Fixes the low res cab interior and low res light surrounds: Available here

Class 303 Lights & Destination Pack (downloaded 160+ times)

Updated and fixed front lights with 26 scrollable destinations: Available here


You can contact us by dropping an email to: